Some will say, "move on from your loss."

    oThers might say, "your Sadness won't last forever".


    but what they won't say is:

    "Here's what you need to do to make recovery possible."


  • Grief support programs

    You don't have to grieve alone.


    Learn the actions that will allow you to

    let go of the grip of pain and loss.


    All in a welcoming, supportive, and confidential setting 

    Grief support group

    • For those experiencing pain or grief from a death, divorce, job loss, move, loss of health, or any loss.
    • Meets weekly for 8 sessions.
    • Limited group size (1 facilitator : 6 participants) for individual & personal support

    Pet Loss

    • Because we can have unique, emotional relationships with our pets, their deaths produce a level of pain that's difficult to describe.  
    • Meets weekly for 6 sessions
    • Limited group size (1:6)

    Grief Recovery one on one (1:1)

    • Grief recovery work on your own with an experienced grief recovery specialist. 
    • Seven (7) sessions--weekly or at your own pace
    • Individualized and personal 

    Helping children grieve

    • Especially for parents and adults who work with children, this program will teach you how to communicate with children about loss and grief.
    • Meets weekly for 6 sessions
    • Limited group size (1:6)



    Grief Support Group

    No current groups scheduled

  • Get in touch

    Grief recovery starts with making small steps. Whether you're interested in a group, want to sign up for 1:1 sessions, or just ask a question--you've made a step forward in your grief recovery.